GK Volunteer - Matt Iantosca

At Gerber Kawasaki we take pride in our team, not only for their daily professionalism and commitment to their work, but also for their compassionate involvement in community causes that make a difference.


Managing Partner Matt Iantosca is passionate about helping animals. He makes time to volunteer and support local animal shelters because pets are so important in people's lives, especially during challenging times. Check out his thoughts below:

"There are a few pet charities I volunteer for, one of the main ones is Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue. I used to do in-home interviews for them, but now it’s mostly fundraising and donations. The other one that I do some work with is the Pacific Marine Mammal Center. I help them with fundraising for their events and also to help them select their Philanthropist of the year.

I volunteer for the Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue because I have had Golden Retriever’s my entire life and I want to make sure that they are all part of a happy home. There are so many neglected and mistreated pets in the world right now and it is my goal to match those pets with families that treat them right. This organization is full of the most dedicated, hard-working and loving group of individuals that sacrifice so much to make that happen. Dogs, and golden retrievers in particular, give unconditional love to their families and deserve the same in return.

It is so amazing to see people stepping up to foster animals during these challenging times, and I think that the benefit that they receive from having a pet in their home, is 10 times what they could have ever imagined. Every morning that you wake up they are so happy to see you regardless of what is going on in our “real world”, and that attitude is contagious.

I also volunteer for the Pacific Marine Mammal Center. This is a local organization that rescues, rehabilitates and releases marine mammals and also strives to educate others on how we can make positive changes to our ocean environment. Seals and sea life has always been a huge passion of mine since I was a kid, and as someone who loves to travel, scuba dive, and spend time with wildlife, working alongside like-minded people to support our own local environment is a great thing.

Hopefully we continue to take positive steps to support animals, the environment and our climate".

If you would like to hear more about these organizations or make a donation please access these links: https://scgrrescue.org/donate/ and https://www.pacificmmc.org/donate

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