GK Volunteer - Wendy Wan Turk

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At Gerber Kawasaki, we take pride in our team, not only for their daily professionalism and commitment to their work but also for their compassionate involvement in community causes that make a difference.


Financial Advisor Wendy Wan Turk is an avid volunteer because she wants to create the ideal community for her family and her neighbors, which is only possible if you give back to the community as well. She is a model example for her children and strives for them to see the importance of empathy and sharing.

Her current volunteer ventures include working with Grass Roots Neighbors, serving Westchester and Playa Del Rey, and participating with El Segundo's Center Street School PTA.

Grass Roots is a volunteer community organization that meets the immediate needs of surrounding neighbors experiencing food and housing insecurity. They aim to end poverty and treat everyone for love and respect. Because of the financial crisis, there was a foreclosure crisis and accelerated gentrification in Venice, California. This led to increased rents and a growing homeless community. Feed the People was launched in 2013 to provide the homeless with blankets, sleeping bags, and clothes. Grass Roots Neighbors, incorporated in 2019, aimed to expand Feed the People and their outreach.

"Both charities help me be an integral part of my communities—I learn about the people who live in these cities and learn about their needs and aspirations. Only through strong communities can my children and family thrive."

While volunteering during the pandemic has its challenges, Wendy has continued her involvement, and in some ways, increased her responsibilities. Grass Roots Neighbors is actively helping community members who cannot afford food and other necessities, so Wendy can donate food and time. "I was just able to salvage some bananas that were on their last leg and transform them into banana bread to donate to hungry families—which was so rewarding to both be able to save food from going to waste, and share my love by making baked goods!"

Wendy's position with Center Street's PTA is the Membership Coordinator for the 2020 - 2021 school year. This year is a difficult year for planning and improving schools since most children are being taught online due to the pandemic. While the entire school year may be virtual, the PTA is a link that keeps all of the families together and participating. Wendy comments, "the secret sauce to having a wonderful school is being involved and pride from not just the students and teachers, but the family and by extension, the community. It’s fantastic when there are so many families who support each other—there is no problem a group of moms (and dads) can’t solve!

We are proud of the staff and their involvement in the community as well as their commitment to work. Now is the time to support one another. "Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ask your elderly neighbor if they need help with trash cans, ask that single mom if she needs groceries or a freshly-cooked meal. No gesture is too small—even the act of asking is a big gesture."

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