GK Volunteer - Zach Bainter

AAt Gerber Kawasaki, we take pride in our team not only for their daily professionalism and commitment to their work but also for their dedication to many relevant causes that make a difference. Join our efforts in identifying and promoting the work of organizations that create a significant impact in the world making it a better place to live for all of us.


Managing Partner Zach Bainter has been giving back to his local community since he was a young kid. After playing baseball, he would volunteer for hours in the snack bar helping the league raise funds to operate. As a high schooler, he volunteered weekly at a food bank.

“I love supporting local organizations. Many times, you can see who you are directly helping, which inspires and motivates me to want to help even more. I even try and get my friends to donate in times like these. It helps to surround yourself with charitable people since everyone reciprocally gives to each other’s passionate causes.”

Zach currently heads the Fundraising Committee for the Santa Monica History Museum. He joined the Board of the Museum because he knows how important it is to remember history -especially local history. The Museum has both permanent and rotating exhibitions. Currently, the Museum is featuring a showcase on Women’s Suffrage in California.

Another organization that Zach is passionate about is the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. “It’s gut-wrenching to see thousands of people lined up to receive basic nourishment. No one should go hungry, and many people in our community are hurting and hungry right now.” Donations at the LA Food Bank go a long way - a $25 donation equals 100 meals.


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