GKTV: Now on an Apple TV Near You

The technology industry is full of constant and continuous change. As advisors, investors, and millennials alike, the Gerber Kawasaki team understands how important it is to keep tabs on technological breakthroughs and advancements and responding in a way that improves our relationship with our clients. We view technology as an opportunity to shorten the distance between advisor and client – to build trust, pass along relevant and up-to-date information, and to help pursue financial goals.

In September 2015, Apple announced that the latest Apple TV would arrive with a notable new feature: The App Store. With an app of our own, my Money Page, that's used by many clients, we understand the added convenience that iOS apps can bring to users. At GK, we work to connect with the public in ways that they can appreciate and enjoy – including social media and television appearances. We're always asking ourselves: "how can we integrate finance into the lives of our clients in the most convenient and relevant way possible?" With streaming more popular than ever, Apple TV seemed like the next logical step.

For years, CEO Ross Gerber has been appearing on networks such as CNBC, Fox Business, CNN, Reuters, Bloomberg, and Forbes to lend his expertise to investors. GK advisors Francine Lai and Robert Castillo have been recently tapped by CNBC and Univision respectively to share their insights with the millennial and Latino market. Just this past month, Gerber Kawasaki made history by being featured on three different networks (CNN, Fox Business, CNBC) in one day.

With millennials following into line with the trend of cable cord cutting more than ever, again we are faced with the challenge of making sure the information that you, the investor, needs is easily accessible. Apple TV allows us to do just that.

With the GKTV Apple TV app, you’ll gain access to:

  • Television appearances full of market analysis and investor insights (clips from CNBC, Fox Business, CNN, Reuters, Bloomberg)

  • FAQ videos to help you better understand Gerber Kawasaki and our services

  • New episodes of Gerber Kawasaki’s “Think Tank” competition show as soon as they’re released

  • Additional video content relevant to investing, retirement planning, and achieving your financial goals

GKTV is available for download on Apple TV now via the App Store. As always, we appreciate your feedback.

By Dana Moore
Marketing Manager
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