The Latest on My Money Page App

As we continue to improve our new iOS app, My Money Page, we wanted to talk a moment to thank those of you that are actively using it so far. It is with your support and feedback that we are able to provide you with consistently new updates in an effort to improve the user experience.

When we set out to create our app, it was important to us that the personable feel of working with a real advisor was not lost in translation. This is perhaps the most differentiating feature of My Money Page. If you are an existing client, you simply just select your advisor from the list, which grants them the ability to track your account. If you are not already apart of the Gerber Kawasaki client list, you will be matched with an advisor that will reach out to you so that you may begin working together. Either way, you are afforded the peace of mind of knowing that a professional, experienced advisor is monitoring your account and looking out for your best interest. With this in mind, you are able to take advantage of all the services that GK offers within the convenient yet secure environment of an app.

My Money Page allows you to track your net worth and investments, and even compare and follow along with how your friends or family are doing. All with a few touches of a button, you can manage your budget, and see how your spending and saving habits are affecting your financial goals. For more visual clients, you’ll find user-friendly charts breaking down your finances each step of the way. You can even include your own pictures to serve as personal reminders of your goals. Not on social media? No problem. You can follow along with the embedded GK Twitter feed to see how the markets are doing, what we’re up to at the office, and other updates.

Overall, My Money Page is designed to be there when you need it, how you need it. It’s a supplementary feature aimed to make your role as an investor easy and convenient. As My Money Page has grown and improved, it has garnered attention from several online media outlets. To read more about My Money Page and its unique position in the sea of robo-advising apps out there, check out the following articles on and

Take a moment to make achieving your financial goals that much easier, download My Money Page in Apple's App Store today. As we are constantly working to make the app the best it can be, please don't hesitate to leave us a review with your thoughts. For any questions, concerns, or suggestions, we can be reached at

By Dana Moore
Marketing Manager