Business Owners

Business owners have many challenges in building a sustainable and successful business. Oftentimes business owners don't have the time or inclination to try to understand retirement and employee benefits. We are well versed in the different tools and retirement plans you can use to potentially build your wealth, lower your taxes, help protect your business as well as build employee loyalty. A Gerber Kawasaki advisor can help you implement a suitable well-rounded strategy to help protect and grow your business while working toward maximizing you tax and financial benefits.

Questions about your business? Speak to an Advisor

Retirement plans and employee benefits

Whether you are a family owned small business, a startup or an established corporation, offering competitive benefits is often the key to attracting and retaining good employees. It is also a great way to build your wealth, save on taxes and protect your assets. As a business owner, you want to develop a benefits strategy that fits you and your employees' needs.

At Gerber Kawasaki, we can help you craft and implement your benefits strategy. We are experienced in setting up and managing your retirement and health plans to help maximize the benefits while minimizing the costs.

Business insurance and protection

A critical aspect of building your business is protecting it with insurance. We specialize in key man insurance and risk assessment. There are many approaches to dealing with the risks that business owners face and we will craft an overall insurance plan that will deal with your unique needs. Our advisors can help determine the types of insurances you need and help you develop a protection plan in the event of a disruption, such as the departure or disability of an owner or key employee.

Business succession planning

Someday you may want to sell your business or pass it on to a family member, employee or another organization. Business Succession Planning is essential for anyone who owns a small business because typically the business is the largest asset in the owner’s estate. Without proper business succession planning, it’s unlikely that your business will survive to the next generation or sell for its true value. We can help you develop a detailed succession plan that meets your business and personal needs.

As a business owner, your personal life and business life are practically inseparable. That’s why it’s important for your personal financial planning to take into account the unique considerations and opportunities of owning and operating a business. Our advisors can help you seamlessly manage both aspects of your life and find the most adequate tools to help maximize your benefits and address your needs.