College Education Planning

There are few life experiences more exciting than seeing your child graduate from college. Whether public or private, college is expensive, and the costs are only going higher. It is vital to start planning early for college education expenses. There are many smart ways to save and invest for college. Contact us today to get your college savings plan started.

Now is the time to start saving for your child's college education. Speak to an Advisor

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The cost of college is soaring yet a college education is more important than ever.

Over the last two decades, colleges have consistently increased their tuitions to adjust for lower government support and higher costs. State schools that used to be affordable and accessible to most are now prohibitively expensive. Student loan debt is soaring, and graduates are bearing a larger burden than ever before. Yet the need for a college degree to obtain high quality employment is more important than ever. This has left young people little choice but to go into debt to pay for their educations.

There are college savings plans that offer tax free income for higher education expenses.

There are only a few savings options for people looking to put away money for their childrenā€™s education. Fortunately, there are substantial tax benefits for those that do it in the correct way. There are plans that allow you to invest and save for college tax-free, as long as the withdrawn proceeds are used for qualified higher education expenses.

Getting a plan is one thing, investing it correctly is another.

There are many investment choices when saving for college education expenses. Knowing that college tuition grows at a rate greater than inflation, choosing the right investments is paramount. It is also important to project what the future costs of college will be. A Gerber Kawasaki advisor will meet with you and help you determine how much college will cost your kids, review your college savings options with you and develop an investment plan to help you achieve your goals.