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We help individuals navigate the financial pressures of an ever-changing media and advertising landscape in this digital age.

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Our goal at Gerber Kawasaki is to democratize financial advice. We believe everyone is entitled to a solid financial plan.

The GK Media and Advertisement Group is led by Ayal Shmilovich and Elijah Souza, both of whom have vast experience working with most of the top advertising and media firms in Southern California, both at the employer level as well as the employee level. They have reviewed many of the employee benefits plans at these firms and are very familiar with the details, having provided financial wellness and educational seminars.

Career movement among competing advertising agencies is common. Ayal and Elijah provide critical assistant and support through the entire transition process and help maximize 401(k) plans, health, life, and disability insurance, Flexible Spending Accounts, 529 educational savings plans, and more. They can also review your old 401(k) plan and help you understand all the available investment options after switching employers.

Ayal Shmilovich Managing Partner

Ayal is a Managing Partner at Gerber Kawasaki and has been working with media and advertising clients for nearly a decade, helping them with their holistic financial planning and investment management needs. Growing up in Los Angeles, Ayal has seen the transformation of the media landscape and how individuals and employers needed to evolve to keep up. Ayal alleviates the stress that financial matters may create, so creative professionals can focus on being the best at what they do.

Elijah Souza, CFP® Investment Advisor Representative

Elijah has been working with individuals in media and advertising for most of his career. Attending Loyola Marymount University, he has witnessed the evolution of the digital media landscape in Los Angeles firsthand. He has worked with employers to provide financial wellness classes to help get their employees financial houses in order. Financial education leads to a win-win situation for both employees and employers.

Greg Fields Investment Advisor Representative

Greg is uniquely suited to serve the financial needs of creative professionals. As a former literary agent at ICM, he put together projects with top talent, including Sandra Bullock, Liam Neeson, Bruce Willis and Antoine Fuqua. As a WGA member, he was a production rewrite specialist for Focus Features and collaborated with multi-Academy Award nominated producer Michael London. Greg has intimate knowledge of how Hollywood works and the many financial challenges it presents for creatives and executives.