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Investing in your future, no matter where you are in life.

Gerber Kawasaki is a well-known leader and advocate for investing in change that betters our society and environment. We strive to capitalize on global transformation and guide our clients to maximize their financial resources while mitigating their risks and preserving their legacy.

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What Makes Us Unique?

Independent Fiduciary

As fiduciaries, we are required by law to do what is in your best interest.

Low Fees

We have a competitively priced fee structure that is simple to understand.

Impeccable Regulatory Record

We take pride in providing great service to our clients. Feel free to check our track record on the SEC website.

Innovative Tax Solutions

Limiting the burdens of taxes on your income and wealth is a focus at Gerber Kawasaki.

Environmentally Focused Investments

Socially and environmentally responsible investing doesn't just feel good, it can deliver strong long-term results for our clients.

Planning Process


We understand your needs, dreams, and risk tolerance. Through this process, we uncover specific tax considerations, philanthropic aspirations, and legacy planning that you require.


We strategically design your portfolio to have an optimized asset allocation that fully accounts for your taxable events and estate considerations. We take a multitude of steps to ensure asset protection.


We believe in active portfolio management. It is the optimal way to provide tactical asset allocation and rebalancing that assists your account to grow. Each client has a unique security selection designed to their values and needs.

Philanthropic Planning & Charitable Giving

Charitable giving can be an integral part of a comprehensive financial plan. Whether your goals are to support a specific cause, create a legacy that allows you to pass your family values to future generations, or just explore tax savings strategies, philanthropy can be a great tool to support all of these objectives. We will work with you to define your charitable goals in a strategic manner, and develop and coordinate a strategy to meet those goals. We will work closely with your team of advisors and attorneys to help incorporate these strategies.

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