How Gerber Kawasaki Works

Gerber Kawasaki is a full-service financial planning and investment advisory firm. We develop customized financial plans for clients at all stages of their wealth accumulation journey. Unlike many firms that only provide information or advice, we actively implement your financial plan and help you manage your accounts. Depending on your situation, Gerber Kawasaki has a multitude of financial planning programs: Get Invested, Wealth Building, Wealth Management, and International Investors.

Step One

Develop your dream future. Gather your financial information and statements, and think about your financial goals, whether that be planning to buy a house, save for college, or go on a vacation.

Step Two

Contact Gerber Kawasaki and schedule a complimentary appointment with one of our licensed advisors. We will review your situation and create a financial plan together.

Step Three

Your Gerber Kawasaki advisor will help you implement your financial plan and will continually monitor and manage your investments to help you pursue your financial goals.

We work with you to help simplify your life, build financial independence and ultimately help make your life richer and more fun. Learn more, join our community and get help now! Contact us to get your financial plan.