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We strive to educate and familiarize our international clients with the US capital markets in order to help them be opportunistic and reach their financial goals.

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Our goal at Gerber Kawasaki is to democratize financial advice. We believe everyone is entitled to a solid financial plan.

As foreigners themselves, Hatem and Danilo know first-hand the intricacies and challenges that immigrants who call America home may face. Additionally, The GK International Group helps Americans living abroad and international investors interested in US markets. Our advisors will implement strategies aligned with your objectives while carefully considering your tax, legal and personal circumstances.

Additionally, GK has partnered with Vontobel Securities U.S. and Schwab International, both global financial institutions, to provide world class access and experience to our clients across the world. Our aim is to help you achieve your goals by offering you a broad range of solutions and access to our proprietary research, investment expertise and global wealth management capabilities no matter where you live.

Vontobel Securities U.S. is one of the leading and oldest Swiss banking and financial institutions that will serve as our custodial partner for our global clients. Vontobel Securities U.S. provides us with unparalleled service and access based on in-depth worldwide investment expertise to private clients, institutional investors, and financial market intermediaries in the domestic Swiss market and key international markets.

Schwab International is one of the largest US based custodians. Some international jurisdictions allow us to use Schwab for Non-US residents. Based on your residence and goals we will determine if this a better place to custody your assets.

What we can provide:

  • Service clients across the globe
  • Service US clients who would like their asset to be domiciled in Switzerland
  • Trading execution across many different markets
  • Access to different investment products and tools from leading financial institutions
  • Ability to hold and trade in multiple currencies
  • Tax reporting capabilities
  • State of the art technology to monitor and access your investments
Danilo Kawasaki, CFP® CPWA® Vice President and COO

Danilo was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil where he was a top-ranked tennis player and learned the importance of proper wealth management at a very young age. With inflation as high as 1,000% a year in the late 1980s and early 1990s, it was vital for Brazilians to ensure their money was always working for them. As an immigrant, Danilo has a clear understanding of international client challenges and objectives. He helps his clients acquire knowledge of the US investment environment and the existing growth opportunities for them and creates customized plans to help them reach their financial goals. Danilo is fluent in Portuguese and English and has notable experience working with different ethnicities and backgrounds. Danilo's exceptional performance and industry track record led to his nomination by Investment News "40 Under 40" list of advisors.

Hatem Dhiab, CFP® Managing Partner

Hatem Dhiab was born in Tunisia and spent his formative years in France becoming fluent in Arabic, French, and English before relocating to the US to attend college. Hatem is well versed in advanced planning techniques such as options & RSUs, retirement benefit planning, and complex tax issues. He focuses on fee-based financial planning, risk management, wealth accumulation as well as distribution and wealth preservation strategies. The US investment landscape is quite robust and can be hard to understand. Hatem helps educate his clients and bridge the gap that he feels is often is experienced by foreign citizens moving to the US. He's able to successfully help his clients navigate the intricacies of financial markets, tax system and the legal framework to help alleviate some of the anxiety often felt when going through big changes.