Investment Management

GK's goal is to identify growth companies positioned to benefit from transformative changes in our society. GK focuses on multiple investment themes with potential widespread impact to create a growth-focused portfolio of large, mid and small cap stocks. To uncover the evolving large-scale trends it invests in, GK looks for sustainable change occurring in demographics, societal attitudes, environmental pressures, geopolitical upheaval, disruptive technologies, and product or service innovation.

Technology, AI & Fintech

Technology and artificial intelligence are on the rise, drawing magnetic appeal from crowds far and near. They unite the interests of many other industries. Virtual reality and driverless cars are just the tip of the iceberg.


Climate Change - Transportation and Energy

Climate change is a major threat to life as we know it. Natural disasters and recent crises have revived our commitment to a sustainable future. Renewably sourced energy is on the rise with electric vehicles making headway in a widespread shift to green energy.


Things That Used To Be Illegal - Cannabis & Online gambling

Times are changing, opinions are shifting, and there’s an opportunity to invest in emerging industries as they become increasingly legal. Those who enjoy tomorrow are the ones who prepare for it.

things that used to be illegal

Video Games Are The New Social Media

Video games are rapidly growing - stealing eyes and wallets away from traditional sports and media. Social media is flooded with unrealistic standards that lead to isolation, but video games fuse the human desire of connection and competition.


Real Estate, Disruption & REITs

Real estate is a dynamic business structure in need of disruption. With more people working remotely for the long term, the market for buying houses has been growing more competitive. We make investments that are balanced and thoughtful, utilizing analysts and a board of seasoned decision makers.

real estate

Top Consumer Brands

The evolving environment of digital commerce and AI offers a dawn of new investment opportunities, and we are tapping in with the strongest consumer brands. Loyal customers make for a consistent and growing business.

consumer brands

Streaming, Sports & Entertainment

People value entertainment because it creates an experience. Crowds are flocking to live events, selling out stadiums in mere minutes, and streaming everything else they like from home.

sports entertainment

Pets Live Like Humans

There has been a fundamental shift in how people engage with their furry friends. We have started treating pets like humans, pampering and caring for them endlessly. Pets need maintenance, caretaking, and medical care.


Health Care & Bio Tech

Health and wellness are more essential than ever before with the aging population and new standards following the global pandemic. Aging is a natural process, and biotech innovators can ensure that people enjoy the ride.


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