We are the only firm focused on serving the LGBT community. Our team has expertise in helping same-sex couples and the LGBT community at large to succeed financially.

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Why we created the LGBT group

The LGBTQ+ community was not represented well in the financial world. There are still a lot of disparities when it comes to financial planning and LGBTQ+ couples. Our investment advisors are specifically focused on the helping the LGBT planning.

The GK LGBT group provides comprehensive financial planning services to the LGBT community. Our mission is to leverage our expertise to help same-sex couples determine the financial consequences of getting married or forming a domestic partnership. We strive to gain the complete trust of our LGBT clients by being transparent in our approach to help them plan for their financial goals.

Robert is profoundly involved in charitable LGBT causes and LGBT professional organizations. He understands how important it is to give back to this underserved community and continue to learn the needs of individuals within the community by networking and being involved.

Robert Castillo, CFP® ADPA Investment Advisor Representative

As a self-identifying gay Financial Advisor, Robert has worked with the LGBT community for over 10 years by helping individuals and same-sex couples get ahead...more