We are the only firm in our industry who focuses on the LGBT community. Learn more about our team of advisors with expertise in assisting and empowering same sex-couples and the LGBT community at large to succeed financially.

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Our goal at Gerber Kawasaki is to democratize financial advice. We believe everyone is entitled to a solid financial plan.

The GK LGBT group provides comprehensive financial planning services to the LGBT community. Our mission is to leverage our expertise to help same-sex couples determine the financial consequences of getting married or forming a domestic partnership. We strive to gain complete trust of our LGBT clients by being transparent in our approach to help them plan for their financial goals.

The group is led by Robert Castillo and Greg Fields, both devoted to the LGBT community through personal ties. Robert and Greg are both highly involved in charitable LGBT causes because they know how important it is to give back to this underserved community. They are also involved in LGBT professional organizations because they prefer to build their network around the community.

Robert Castillo, ADPA Investment Advisor Representative

As a self-identifying gay Financial Advisor, Robert has worked with the LGBT community for over 10 years by helping individuals and same-sex couples get ahead by creating a solid financial plan for them. When same-sex marriage became legal in 2015, Robert knew that many couples would have questions surrounding the financial repercussions of getting married. He decided to learn more about same-sex marriage and domestic partnerships by becoming an accredited domestic partnership advisor that same year. Robert has become an expert in helping his community because he knows that there are few resources available to them. In 2018, Robert won a national diversity award granted by the Financial Planning Association for promoting his services within the LGBT community.

Greg Fields Investment Advisor Representative

Greg has been an ally of the LGBT community for many years and is a champion of diversity. Prior to Gerber Kawasaki, he worked with LA Pride as a consultant and today he regularly volunteers for the LGBT center in West Hollywood. Greg's son self-identified as gay when he was just 13 years old – a milestone Greg considers his greatest achievement as a parent. As an independent investment advisor, Greg understands the financial challenges and idiosyncrasies unique to the LGBT community. Before the Supreme Court upheld Obergefell vs. Hodges, there were few conventional financial resources available to LGBT community. Today, Greg believes the community is still underserved and deserves the best possible financial guidance.