Gerber Kawasaki Viewpoint - January 2018 Issue

Ross Gerber on CNBC discussing Crypto, Netflix, Apple, and Amazon

Date: January 02, 2018 22:56
Ross Gerber joins CNBC to discuss potential strategic moves that could be made by Apple and Amazon as they head into the New Year.

Happiness Now, Happiness Later

Date: January 02, 2018 18:45
Inevitably, you are now planning your New Year's resolutions. If my guess is correct, exercising more and saving more money are probably at the top of your list, year after year. Why are most people so bad at this money thing? It is not your fault, entirely. Your brain isn't necessarily wired for it. Just think how hard you work to fight against your own self-defeating impulses. But there is hope. Here are a few tips to get yourself to do the things you already know you should do.

Ross Gerber discusses Apple's iPhone X on CNBC

Date: December 26, 2017 22:05
Apple's iPhone X sales come in lower than expected. Ross Gerber joins CNBC to discuss what this may mean for Apple.

It's the Goals that Really Matter

Date: January 02, 2018 18:45
As we start a new year, many of us have aspirations and desires, things that we would like to accomplish and things that we must achieve to further progress. There’s nothing more important to being successful than writing down your personal and professional goals.