Gerber Kawasaki Viewpoint - October 2018

Brazil: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Date: October 02, 2018 18:58
VP/COO Danilo Kawasaki gives his perspective on the upcoming Brazilian election and provides a general overview on the process.

What is Going on in Europe

Date: October 01, 2018 23:46
Financial Advisor Hatem Dhiab gives an overview of who the big players within Europe are and what currents are driving their internal politics and markets.

The Financial Benefits and Disadvantages of Same-Sex Marriage

Date: October 03, 2018 21:22
October is LGBT history month as the Supreme Court ruled on legalizing same-sex marriage on the federal level. Financial Advisor Robert Castillo gives his insight on the financial benefits and disadvantages of same sex-marriage.

Open Enrollment: Maximize Your Benefits

Date: October 02, 2018 23:39
It's Open Enrollment season at work, which means time for either blindly clicking on options, or asking lots of questions to understand what everything means. Financial Advisor Wendy Turk provides a quick list to help explain what each item is, and whether you should opt in or out, or somewhere in between.