Gerber Kawasaki Viewpoint - February 2018 Issue

Apple Sold Fewer iPhones Than A Year Ago

Date: February 02, 2018 21:59
Apple beats earnings but sold fewer iPhones than last year. Ross Gerber joins CNBC to break the earnings report.

CNBC: iPhone X Price Affects Overall Demand

Date: January 29, 2018 21:44
Ross Gerber, Gerber Kawasaki, and Eric Schiffer, Patriarch Organization, discuss Apple stock down on reports that iPhone X demand is lower than its other cheaper-priced phones.

Apple Stops the Bleeding With OK iPhone Numbers

Date: February 02, 2018 20:02
Apple Inc (Nasdaq: AAPL) didn't sell as many iPhones as it anticipated in its fiscal first quarter, but its numbers were better than many investors had feared. See what Ross Gerber has to say.

CES Roundup Part 1 of 3 - The Smart Home

Date: February 01, 2018 18:05
Managing Partner, Ayal Shmilovich, brings us part 1 of 3 of his experience at this year's Consumer Electronic Show. The competition for the smart home is being headed by four of the major tech names that you would imagine, but many smaller players have skin in the game as well.

How Tax Reform Changed 529 Plans

Date: February 01, 2018 17:59
On December 22, 2017, the President signed into law H.R. 1, the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” a sweeping tax reform law that promises to entirely change the tax landscape. One of the biggest beneficiaries of this change are individuals who own 529 plans. This article will take a look at the basics with a 529 plan, dive into the weeds and then take a look at how this tax reform expanded the use of 529 plans. By Financial Advisor Elijah Souza.

One Further Step for eSports - Overwatch League

Date: February 01, 2018 17:57
In recent years, competitive video gaming, otherwise known as eSports, has taken large strides in securing a foothold in the average person’s everyday life. ESports has been making tremendous advances domestically and internationally in becoming the next big thing with 2018 being no exception. The newest eSports league, Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch League, kicked off the year with its first season of play with over 400,000 viewers on twitch alone. The league is based off Blizzards newest first person hero-shooter game that they announced last year surpassed 35 million players.