Retirement Income Planning

Now that you are gearing up to retire, the challenge shifts from accumulating wealth to protecting your wealth while earning an income from your money that keeps up with inflation. In today’s low interest rate, high volatility environment, it is more challenging than ever to design a strategy that meets your income needs. We specialize in building income portfolios for our clients. Your Gerber Kawasaki advisor will work with you to determine a proper income strategy that addresses your needs and helps you pursue your goals.

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Try our Retirement Calculator to find out how much you will need to retire.

We use a variety of different investment choices to manage volatility

Being an independent investment advisory firm gives us access to a multitude of investment choices. Planning for your income needs is challenging, so having many resources to build an investment strategy allows us to better customize a portfolio to fit your needs. There is no one size fits all income portfolio, so having a tailored and actively managed account will help you enjoy your life and focus on what is important to you.

Your life expectancy is increasing through better health and active living

Due to increased life expectancy, planning for retirement has changed over the years. The average person is living almost 20 years past retirement age. Although our quality of life has improved, we are also forced to plan for our income and health needs later in life. Longer lifespans pose an incredible challenge in providing the income you need throughout your life. We must also take into consideration inflation, the rising cost of living, when planning your income needs in retirement.

We want to protect your assets from taxes and create a legacy for generations to come.

We consider taxes in everything we do. When we design your income strategy, we make it as tax efficient as possible. Furthermore, through proper estate planning, we design your income plan to be easily passed to your heirs. You’ve saved your whole life to enjoy a long retirement, but it is just as important to leave a legacy for the next generation.