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At Gerber Kawasaki, we believe that athletes deserve to have a team dedicated to conflict-free advice. We help athletes in not only building their financial plan, but working with their agents, publicists, accountants, managers to make sure they are taken care of on all angles. As many athletes play on a team, we ensure you have the right financial team in place for your situation. It is crucial that every player on YOUR team is working for YOU.

Our team is led by Elijah, Ben and Malcolm. Being involved and around sports most of our lives, we understand the challenges athletes face. Our athlete program is competitive at its core and focuses on all the challenges an athlete will go through in his or her career.

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Budgeting and Cash Management

"You can live like a king for a year or you can live like a prince for life!" We will work with you to help you find a balance between saving for your future and enjoying your hard earned money today. We help you create a budget for during your sports career that can sustain you throughout your life, not just during your playing years.

Investment Management

We often see athletes who have been taken advantage of by advisors who do not put their interest first. At Gerber Kawasaki Wealth Management we legally have a fiduciary responsibility to put our clients best interest first!

Financial Planning

A majority of athletes will make most of their income within the first handful years of their professional careers. Our job is to help ensure those funds last well beyond retirement from professional sports.

Our Mission

The mission of our Sports Group is to help overcome the unique challenges faced by athletes and help them make sound financial decisions to ensure their wealth lasts long after retirement from professional sports.

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