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Ayal Shmilovich is a Managing Partner with Gerber Kawasaki. Ayal was born and raised in Los Angeles. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from UCLA and his Master’s Degree from the University of Florida. Ayal always had an interest in investing and managing money, but he also really wanted to help people; so, he sought a career and a firm that would help him merge his two great passions: people and finance.

Ayal believes in creating very strong, meaningful relationships with all of his clients and helping them achieve all of their goals. He enjoys taking the time to get to know each of his clients, their families, goals, and dreams. By getting to know each of his clients on a very personal level, Ayal can create a highly customized plan that fits their specific needs. He also takes pride in knowing that he will be present to guide them through all their life changes and events.

Ayal specializes in working with successful individuals and families, with a special focus in the technology industry. He likes working with people who, like him, are working to change the world around them. Ayal appreciates how quickly technology companies can change the world and he seeks to help his clients in that transformation. Ayal is proud to be part of “A New Generation of Financial Advisors,” that uses social media and the latest technologies to augment and enhance the clients’ experience and increase their investment potential; however, he never seeks to use it to replace the human element.

Ayal works with technology clients ranging from startup entrepreneurs, to aerospace engineers, to executives of multinational corporations. Many of his clients have advanced financial planning needs such as understanding stock options, complex tax issues, company valuation, and corporate benefits planning.

As a founding member of Gerber Kawasaki, Ayal has multiple roles in the firm. In addition to managing his clients’ finances, he is part of the Gerber Kawasaki Management Team and a member of its Investment Advisory Committee, through which he helps the firm manage portfolios and select investments for clients.

When he is not working, Ayal spends time advocating for Israel and the Jewish community. He is also an avid Lakers fan, loves sports, reading, movies, and spending time with his family.

CA Insurance Lic: #0G76537