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How Biden’s Capital Gains Tax Plan Could Affect You

published on: 2021-06-18

President Biden’s capital gains tax proposal, once passed, will likely result in the need for some clever estate planning. In the past, estate... read more

6 Myths of Long-Term Care Insurance

published on: 2021-02-04

Many known "facts" about long term care insurance are long outdated. Financial Advisor and Insurance Expert Bryan Miranda walks us through a list... read more

GK Volunteer - Bryan Miranda

published on: 2020-07-14

Financial Advisor Bryan Miranda volunteers for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the UCLA Westside Alumni Network. Bryan's mission is to... read more

Don’t Make the Same Mistake these Legends Made

published on: 2018-08-30

Financial Advisor Bryan Miranda discusses the importance of having a proper estate planning in order to help alleviate financial stress for family... read more

The Pinterest Wedding Trap

published on: 2017-07-28

For as much fun as my wife and I had with about 180 of our closest family and friends, there were some key takeaways I wanted to bring up with any... read more

THINK TANK: Episode 3 - Streaming (PART 1 OF 4)

published on: 2016-05-06

NETFLIX (PART 1 OF 4): *Our new show format splits episodes up into quick clips to highlight each company one by one.* With their vast catalog of... read more

THINK TANK: Episode 1 - Virtual Reality

published on: 2016-03-22

Episode 1 - Virtual Reality: Watch as three teams of GK advisors defend what they think is the next best opportunity in virtual reality. Who will... read more

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