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Easy Tax Planning Strategies for Content Creators and Influencers

published on: 2022-05-23

The rise of influencers and content creators prompts questions on what can be considered a tax write-off. Our Senior Tax Accountant, Doni Dror,... read more

2021 Reporting of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) - The Who, How, and When:

published on: 2022-03-04

If your assets are in a foreign bank and foreign currency, do you have to file taxes in the US? The answer is maybe. Check out the latest article... read more

7 Important Inflation-Based Tax Changes to Know for 2022

published on: 2022-02-10

Make sure that you are planning accordingly because a lot has changed this year when it comes to your taxes. Some of these adjustments include... read more

5 Things The IRS Wants You To Know

published on: 2022-01-28

Our GK Tax team wants to make your life easier. They are giving constant updates to our clients and followers on the most important things you need... read more

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