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TD Ameritrade - Hatem Dhiab: Why Target (TGT) Is A Better Play Than Walmart (WMT)

published on: 2021-08-17

Walmart's earnings slipped and are now rising again in conjunction with their plans to build out digital currency payment options. Investment... read more

Business Insider - Hatem Dhiab: The co-founder of Europe's biggest cannabis ETF shares his stock-picking strategy to play the buzzy medical-marijuana sector that experts see ballooning to $100 billion in the next few years

published on: 2021-06-17

Managing Partner Hatem Dhiab is cited in Business Insider's latest article about stock picking strategies for cannabis ETFs. Hatem emphasizes the... read more

Policy Shifts May Challenge Markets

published on: 2021-06-11

Fiscal stimulus, which was central to the market rebound in the last year, may start moving to the sidelines over the rest of 2021 and into 2022 as... read more

TD Ameritrade - Hatem Dhiab: Catalysts Driving Inflationary Pressures In Today's Markets

published on: 2021-05-17

Managing Partner Hatem Dhiab joins TD Ameritrade to discuss today's markets. He believes Monday's market jitters are a result of inflationary... read more

S&P Global - Hatem Dhiab: SoftBank's SPACs give its Vision Fund an edge in fight for tech startups

published on: 2021-04-13

S&P Global Market Intelligence writes that SoftBank Group Corp is looking to utilize a SPAC (special purpose acquisition company) to give its... read more

Forbes - Hatem Dhiab; Amazon is Now America's Biggest Apparel Retailer, Here's Why Walmart Can't Keep Up

published on: 2021-03-17

Managing Partner Hatem Dhiab stresses that Amazon is one of the winners of the Covid pandemic. GK believes that they will continue to gain market... read more

S&P Global - Hatem Dhiab: SoftBank to hit pause on share buybacks, focus on Vision Fund 2 – experts

published on: 2021-02-23

SoftBank Group Corp. announced in March 2020 that they would repurchase a large portion of their shares in four trenches. Now, it is unlikely that... read more

Robinhood: From Hero to Zero

published on: 2021-01-29

By coordinating via Reddit and buying stocks such as GameStop and AMC Theaters collectively to the tune of millions of shares, small investors sent... read more

The Best of The Westside

published on: 2020-10-27

Congratulations to Managing Partner Hatem Dhiab for being elected as the BEST Financial Advisor of the Westside by The Argonaut. He attributes his... read more

What Makes GK Different?

published on: 2020-09-22

Diversity, community, and integrity are the bedrock of our firm. These values and our grit to excel are the answer to that quintessential question.... read more

Cheddar - Hatem: Mulan Set to Stream on Disney+

published on: 2020-09-08

Disney released Mulan today on Disney Plus for $29.99. Managing Partner Hatem Dhiab notes that Mulan is a very important folk tale in China, and... read more

Cheddar - Hatem: Disney Shares Still a Buy Says Wall Street Analyst

published on: 2020-07-11

Disney has been making adjustments to safely reopen its parks, and the cost of doing so has no been cheap. Managing Partner Hatem Dhiab believes... read more

Cheddar - Hatem: Disney Falls on Earnings Miss

published on: 2020-05-06

Disney has seen great success with Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu, and Managing Partner Hatem Dhiab believes that they will be able to sustain the... read more

TD Ameritrade - Hatem: Revenue Expectations For Tesla

published on: 2020-04-23

Between production ramping up in China and Tesla's ability to deliver cars straight to your front door, Managing Partner Hatem Dhiab is optimistic... read more

US News - Hatem: Sectors That Could Do Well in a Coronavirus Recession

published on: 2020-04-13

The Stay-At-Home order has caused many economic shifts, but there is a notable difference between right now and previous recessions; this is a... read more

S&P Global - Hatem: SoftBank-backed CloudMinds' US IPO chances dwindle

published on: 2020-02-24

A house is only as strong as its foundation, and CloudMinds has not proven that it has built a steady structure. Managing Partner Hatem Dhiab... read more

CCN - Hatem: Tesla Bulls are Dreaming of 200% Returns This Year Based on These Fundamentals

published on: 2020-02-19

One of the most horrifying facts of the coronavirus is that we cannot forecast when it will be controlled. Managing Partner Hatem Dhiab emphasizes... read more

Raising Financially Literate Kids

published on: 2020-02-10

Managing Partner Hatem Dhiab shares the importance of saving young and how to raise financially savvy children.... read more

CGTN - Hatem: The WeWork effect: Disappointing IPOs put pressure on Wall Street

published on: 2020-01-10

WeWork's collapse has increased investor scrutiny. Managing Partner Hatem Dhiab discusses the tech company with CGTN. The IPO tech bubble has burst... read more

CCN - Hatem: GameStop (GME) Unlikely to Survive the Digital Gaming Apocalypse

published on: 2019-12-12

GameStop is the latest giant to fall in the digital age. Managing Partner Hatem Dhiab speaks with CCN on the shift away from brick and mortar... read more

40 in their 40's Leading Financial Services & Accounting Professionals

published on: 2019-11-19

Congratulations to CEO Ross Gerber, COO Danilo Kawasaki, and Managing Partner Hatem Dhiab for being awarded the 40 in their 40's Leading Financial... read more

SoftBank's WeWork bailout risks US$38B Vision Fund 2 pledge

published on: 2019-11-05

SoftBank should expect challenges after bailing out WeWork. S&P Global discussed the Japanese company's hurdles surrounding their Vision Fund 2... read more

WeWork debacle could delay SoftBank's 2nd Vision Fund, risk pending IPOs

published on: 2019-11-04

The pattern of poorly performing tech IPOs is starting to raise flags for some investors. Managing Partner Hatem Dhiab spoke with S&P Global about... read more

WeWork, SoftBank-backed flops cast doubt over CloudMinds US IPO

published on: 2019-11-01

The Chinese robototics company CloudMinds is looking for U.S. investors. Managing Partner Hatem Dhiab spoke with S&P Global about the challenge for... read more

‘Trump Confusion Trades’ Netting Over $2 Billion Reeks of Insider Trading

published on: 2019-10-24

No one is that lucky. Mysterious trades made in June and September surrounding tariff announcements are drawing attention. Managing Partner Hatem... read more

Netflix to Miss Q3 Guidance of 7 Million New Subscribers, Says Research Firm Exec

published on: 2019-10-15

Netflix stock is on the rise, but some believe they're setting up for a selloff. Managing Partner Hatem Dhiab spoke with CCN about the streaming... read more

WeWork Is Only Making its Image Problems Worse by Trying to Control the Narrative, Say Critics

published on: 2019-09-06

WeWork's IPO is coming soon but Managing Partner Hatem Dhiab isn't confident in the shared office provider. Slow growth and loses of over a billion... read more

Facebook Resurrection: Why FB Stock is Poised for a 25% Rally

published on: 2019-08-26

Despite regulatory pushbacks, Financial Advisor Hatem Dhiab sees Facebook as one of the only options for digital advertising. This is a positive... read more

The Audacity of Facebook: Libra, Cryptos & Privacy

published on: 2019-08-02

Managing Partner Hatem Dhiab provides his perspective on the heels of Facebook's privacy fallout and its efforts to create Libra, its own... read more

Wealth and Investment Expert Hatem Dhiab Discusses Facebook's Cryptocurrency Libra

published on: 2019-07-17

Would you trust Facebook with your financial information? Managing Partner Hatem Dhiab joins Rachelle Akuffo of CGTN America to discuss Libra and... read more

Hatem Dhiab Talks about Work Messaging App Slack and Its Wall Street IPO

published on: 2019-06-21

Managing Partner and Co-Founder of the GK Tech Group, Hatem Dhiab, joined Rachelle Akuffo of CGTN America to speak about Slack's IPO and the future... read more

Hatem Dhiab Talks Uber IPO and The Company's Future

published on: 2019-05-10

"Uber does not have a way to make money and it never posted a profit". According to Managing Partner Hatem Dhiab, it’s a tough week to go public... read more

Is Europe Sinking?

published on: 2019-05-07

The European Union (EU) is currently in the throes of political dislocation. Managing Partner and Co-Founder of GK International, Hatem Dhiab,... read more

Lyft's Upcoming IPO

published on: 2019-02-25

Managing Partner Hatem Dhiab joined CGTN TV and talked about Lyft's upcoming IPO. ... read more

The Goals Are What Really Matter

published on: 2019-01-15

As we start a new year, Managing Partner Hatem Dhiab discusses the importance of goals that really matter and gives suggestions on some steps to... read more

What is Going on in Europe

published on: 2018-10-01

Financial Advisor Hatem Dhiab gives an overview of who the big players within Europe are and what currents are driving their internal politics and... read more

CNews - Facebook's Challenges on the Horizon

published on: 2018-07-27

Managing Partner Hatem Dhiab goes on CNews and discusses the challenges that are on the horizon for Facebook. ... read more

The Gift of Charity - A Guide to Donor Advised Funds

published on: 2018-05-01

Hatem Dhiab highlights the benefits of donor advised funds. A donor advised fund allows for the contribution of appreciated assets (such as stocks... read more

It's the Goals that Really Matter

published on: 2018-01-02

As we start a new year, many of us have aspirations and desires, things that we would like to accomplish and things that we must achieve to further... read more

Invest with Rules, Not Emotion: A Take from Behavioral Finance

published on: 2017-10-30

Managing Partner Hatem Dhiab discusses what the finance industry can learn from behavioral psychology.... read more

*French* Forced resignation of Uber CEO: What are the Consequences for the Company?

published on: 2017-06-22

Travis Kalanick could not save his neck. On June 21, under the pressure of its investors, the CEO of Uber announced that he has resigned from the... read more

Broker vs. Fiduciary Advisor: Is Your Advice Conflict Free?

published on: 2017-05-01

How your advisor gets paid influences the quality of advice you receive. Here are 3 kinds of arrangements that you should be aware of. ... read more

Putting Our Market In A Historical Perspective

published on: 2017-01-04

The issues that worry investors today, aren’t new. Staying focused despite the day-to-day distractions of the market is never easy especially... read more

THINK TANK: Episode 3 - Streaming (PART 2 OF 4)

published on: 2016-05-14

AMAZON (PART 2 OF 4): *Our new show format splits episodes up into quick clips to highlight each company one by one.* Amazon rules the online... read more

THINK TANK: Episode 1 - Virtual Reality

published on: 2016-03-22

Episode 1 - Virtual Reality: Watch as three teams of GK advisors defend what they think is the next best opportunity in virtual reality. Who will... read more

Stock Concentration & Diversification

published on: 2016-02-01

In wealth management, you often hear the phrase: “concentration builds wealth, diversification preserves it”. It’s just not prudent to tie up much... read more

Stock Options & Restricted Stock

published on: 2015-12-31

Companies incentivize their employees and give them a share in the equity growth and the company’s success. Although there are many different stock... read more

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