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Hugo is determined to help people reconcile with their future selves. Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, he grew up passionate about both humanities and sciences. When the time to choose an academic path at university, he opted for Economics because as a discipline, it proved to be an intersection of art and science. Hugo soon realized that his studies became his passion and as his dedication to acquire knowledge increased, he decided to eventually pursue a career in finance.

As a student at Fundacao Getulio Vargas, a top business school in Brazil, Hugo was part of the junior enterprise of the school of economics (CJE-FGV), where he produced research on monetary policy his articles were published in the Brazilian digital newspaper, G1. He was also an active member of two undergraduate student associations, where he organized events for the university student body.

After graduating with a degree in Economics, Hugo interned at a macroeconomic research company, where he had the opportunity to co-author several reports while working with the former President of Brazil's Central Bank, Affonso Celso Pastore and his great team of economists. In 2018, Hugo was accepted to study finance at UCLA and while completing his studies, he was chosen to receive an internship opportunity at Gerber Kawasaki. His internship focused on providing analysis and research on companies, ETFs and Mutual Funds. Hugo’s dedication, professionalism and passion for the industry led him to be part of GK and he is now a proud member of team.

In his spare time, Hugo enjoys playing the guitar, going out with his friends, and discovering new places.