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Investment Advisor Representative

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Jimmy Bisharat is an Investment Advisor Representative with Gerber Kawasaki. Jimmy's story began when his dad immigrated to the United States. Like many immigrants, Jimmy’s father realized he needed to work harder than everyone else to become successful. This mentality is what resulted in Jimmy's father starting his own business, a business in which Jimmy actively participated and one that instilled an entrepreneurial spirit in him.

Throughout his life, Jimmy absorbed all the financial knowledge his father provided, including introducing him to the stock market and economics, which inevitably led to him starting a few small businesses of his own. Since then, Jimmy approached everything in his life as a potential investment opportunity. After buying his first item on Amazon back in 2011, he asked his dad to purchase shares because he believed in the company's innovation.

Due to this tremendous passion, Jimmy sought to learn more about investing, which led to him enrolling at San Diego State University, where he received his degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance. His time at SDSU coincidentally came during COVID, where at last, Jimmy's generation joined his interest in the stock market. This soon led all of Jimmy’s friends to rely on him for information on the market. From that point forward, Jimmy realized he was destined to utilize investing to help assist individuals who are serious about strengthening their financial situations.

When his time at SDSU was coming to an end, Jimmy knew he must find a way to further his passion for the stock market, but more specifically, educate the next generation of investors. The issue Jimmy faced out of college was trying to find a company that had the same perspective and values on financial planning as he did. However, instead of joining a big bank, Jimmy showed true to his entrepreneurial spirit by creating a YouTube channel to help further the education of new investors. This social media presence is what ultimately led to him connecting with Gerber Kawasaki. The firm's comprehensive financial planning, progressive investing strategies, and willingness to work with clients at all asset levels align with Jimmy’s core values, whereas many other institutions did not. Therefore, Jimmy realized that GK was the right place for him and his future clients.

When Jimmy isn’t researching potential investments or working with clients, you can find him strengthening the bond with his friends. He enjoys cooking, playing Catan, passionately watching Chargers football, and donating his time as a board member to The California Support Network - a nonprofit built with the intention of helping students follow a successful path to transferring from a junior college to a four-year institution.