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Matt Iantosca isn't a traditional number cruncher. He rarely uses a financial calculator – not because he doesn't want to–but because he doesn't need to. Punching numbers in by hand is a just a waste of time when Matt can calculate them faster in his head. Matt's gift for numbers dates back to his elementary school days when he regularly won "mental math" contests.

Matt's first brush with investing emerged organically from his other gift: gaming. At 13 years old, Matt exhibited prodigy-level talent when he picked up the video game Counterstrike. By 17 he was a professional who then taught his gaming secrets to others (for a fee) and regularly won significant purses at live gaming tournaments. Instead of spending his first $5,000 in winnings on a man cave, he invested it.

Matt has racked up wins for himself and his clients ever since.

After a stint at Morgan Stanley as an analyst, Matt moved to Gerber Kawasaki in 2010 and developed an impressively diverse clientele. Initially, his business was built on an astute observation: he noticed that many divorced or widowed women had no one to look after their finances. His retired or nearly retired clientele were naturally drawn to Matt's patient explanations, non-sales-y style and his seemingly inexhaustible attention to detail. Clients quickly learned how hard Matt worked and how deeply he cared for them. "I just do for my clients what I would do for my own family," he observes.

Client queries are typically met with lightning-fast responses directly from Matt. And while he's generally a soft-spoken person, Matt will fight for his clients if the result will save them money or improve returns.

"I want my clients to focus on their lives and their families, not their finances. My goal is to provide them the confidence that they are being taken care of."

Given his unique, first-hand experience in the industry, Matt also works with professional gamers to ensure that they–like him–invest their winnings instead of squandering them. And for many gamers, who are generally in their teens and twenties, financial discipline can be a real challenge. Matt observes, "It's great when you're making good money as a gamer, but I'm there to make sure they also have a financial plan."

When Matt isn't advocating for his clients, he loves travelling to far-flung spots around the globe. He loves animals and gives to environmental charities. Matt lives in Playa Vista with his wife, their toddler daughter and a rambunctious Golden Retriever named Toby.

Matt completed his undergraduate degree in Business Administration at Loyola Marymount University, and also received a certificate in Personal Financial Planning from Boston University and is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional. "In 2017 and 2018, Matt was recognized by Forbes and Shook research as one of America's Top Next-Gen Wealth Advisors and was also recognized as a Next-Gen Best-In-State wealth advisor in 2019".

CA Insurance Lic: #0G39555