Raven Bryson

Operations Specialist

Phone: 310.441.9393
LinkedIn: raven-bryson-125941b2
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Raven was born and raised in a little ski town called Crested Butte, Colorado. She grew up snowboarding in the winter and hiking in the summer. Growing up in such a small town, Raven learned the importance of building and maintaining close relationships and as well as the impact that money can have on one’s happiness. Due to this, she felt a deep connection to the Gerber Kawasaki investing philosophy and now works as an administrative assistant for the firm- specifically the Digital Assets Division.

Raven moved to California for college where she started at Santa Barbara City College and earned two AA degrees in Anthropology and Liberal Arts then transferred to the University of California at Santa Cruz. While in Santa Cruz she was able to dive deeper into her passion for learning about cultures, political science, social justice and most of all health. It was around this time she realized a common theme throughout her studies- the impact of money.

At Gerber Kawasaki, Raven helps ensure that the onboarding process for our Digital Assets Division and our crypto platform, Gemini runs smoothly. She also works closely with the client service and marketing departments. She is passionate about making access to financial education more accessible to all and that everyone should have the chance to take control of their finances.

In her free time Raven enjoys reading, cooking, fitness, being in nature, spending time with loved ones and snowboarding.