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Investment Advisor Representative

Phone: 310.441.9393
LinkedIn: robbykl
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Robby Lewis is an Investment Advisor Representative at Gerber Kawasaki. He is a third-generation Angelino who grew up in the Sherman Oaks area and graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Economics and a minor in Finance.

Robby's career began as a project financial consultant in aerospace, working for NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) on key missions, most recently on Perseverance (Mars 2020 Rover). While working on these large-scale projects was rewarding, Robby craved the opportunity to connect on a more intimate level with people. He realized he could cultivate these connections by becoming an investment advisor, whereby he could use his education to work more closely with individuals and families and affect their lives.

As a first-generation college graduate, Robby took it upon himself to understand how to save, plan, and prioritize financial security. Robby understands that finances and investing can be intimidating, and he prides himself on his patience and empathy. These qualities allow him to gain a deeper understanding of his clients and their needs.

When Robby is not working, you can find him hiking or running, watching the Lakers and Dodgers, or camping at a national park.