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Wealth Solutions Report - Robert Castillo: How Can Our Industry Better Support LGBT Clients and Communities

published on: 2021-06-24

The Wealth Solutions Report focuses on the LGBTQ+ community this month as we celebrate pride. There is a lack of resources for this community... read more

FPA: Robert Castillo - Pride Planners Webinar

published on: 2020-08-27

Financial Advisor and LGBT Group Founder Robert Castillo sits down with Dr. Jamison Green to discuss gender identity, sexual orientation, gender... read more

Transparency With Diana B.: Coming Out of the Closet

published on: 2020-03-10

Financial Advisors Greg Fields and Robert Castillo talk with Diana B about providing advice to the LGBT community. The typical culture within... read more

Your Home Equity Can Affect College Aid

published on: 2019-11-05

The college application process can be a headache for any high school senior but paying for tuition is easily a parent’s worst nightmare. Financial... read more

Being Gay-Friendly Makes You Money

published on: 2019-10-04

Later this month, LGBT history will be made as the Supreme Court will hear cases to decide whether sexual orientation and gender identity are forms... read more

Honoring the Life of Rose Greene

published on: 2019-07-19

Financial Advisor Robert Castillo honors Rose Greene, a Financial Planner and LGBT rights activist that has passed away on July 11th, 2019. ... read more

Slim Pickings for LGBT Stock Hunters

published on: 2019-07-17

Advisor and Co-Founder of the GK LGBT Group Robert Castillo talks to Fred Takayama about investing and the LGBT community. ... read more

The Financial Benefits of Same-Sex Marriage

published on: 2019-06-26

Thinking about getting married? Thinking about getting married to your same-sex partner? Financial Advisor Robert Castillo breaks down the monetary... read more

The Trillion Dollar LGBT Community and A Need for Inclusive Financial Planning

published on: 2019-06-12

It’s time for financial planners to stop ignoring the trillion-dollar purchasing power of the LGBT community in the US. Financial Advisor and... read more

The Downside of Taxes for Self-Employed Registered Domestic Partners in Community Property States

published on: 2019-03-06

The tax season is around the corner. Our Financial Advisor and Co-Founder of the GK LGBT Group Robert Castillo provides great tax insights for... read more

3 Social Security Tips for LGBT Couples

published on: 2019-01-15

Same-sex couples usually struggle in communicating about finances, which often leads to unnecessary stress. A relevant topic that usually raises... read more

FPA- Financial Benefits and Disadvantages of Same-Sex Marriage to Understand

published on: 2018-10-18

The Financial Planning Association’s online publications has re-purposed in their Practice Management blog geared towards other financial planners,... read more

The Gay Advisor Of LA?

published on: 2018-10-15

Financial Advisor Robert Castillo is featured in the Financial Advisor Magazine in an article that highlights his work towards the Spanish-speaking... read more

The Financial Benefits and Disadvantages of Same-Sex Marriage

published on: 2018-10-02

October is LGBT history month as the Supreme Court ruled on legalizing same-sex marriage on the federal level. Financial Advisor Robert Castillo... read more

Robert Castillo Awarded Diversity Scholarship

published on: 2018-09-14

Congratulations to GK Financial Advisor Robert Castillo for receiving this years Diversity Scholarship Award by FPA for his continued work with the... read more

The Hard Truth About the LGBT Community and Bad Spending: It’s Never Too Late to Plan!

published on: 2018-06-29

Our Financial Advisor Robert Castillo talks about the spending habits of the LGBT community and highlights the importance of a budget analysis,... read more

401(k) December Deadline: What small business owners need to know about the Individual 401(k) for saving on taxes and for retirement

published on: 2017-12-01

Investment Advisor Representative Robert Castillo discusses the Individual 401(k) plan and how it can be used as a small business owner's tool for... read more

Robert Castillo talks Tax Reform on Univision

published on: 2017-11-06

The economist Robert Castillo analyzes the proposal that would have to pass through congressional approval. The analyst assures that the families... read more

Three Social Security Tips for LGBT Couples

published on: 2017-10-30

Robert Castillo discusses three Social Security Tips for LGBT couples. ... read more

Long-term Care for the LGBT Community and Planning for an LGBT-friendly Nursing Home

published on: 2017-10-02

October is LGBT History month and I’d like to highlight the future of the aging LGBT community and the long-term care they will need. ... read more

Robert Castillo - Univision Interview

published on: 2017-09-26

Robert is interviewed by Univision following the earthquakes in Mexico and explains the importance of making sure you are covered by insurance.... read more

The 2 biggest financial issues unmarried same-sex couples should address: Taxes and Inheritance

published on: 2017-09-05

Many LGBT same-sex couples that I meet don’t have any idea if they’re paying too much in taxes or if they’re even each other’s beneficiaries on... read more

Child Adoption and the LGBT Modern Family

published on: 2017-05-26

Pride month is here once again! In the spirit of Pride month, Robert Castillo highlights a few financial planning tips for LGBT people who wish to... read more

[VIDEO] What Does it Mean Now Interest Rates Have Been Raised? *Spanish*

published on: 2017-03-23

The US economy is no longer in crisis and has improved so much that the federal reserve has increased interest rates, good news for all those who... read more

[VIDEO] Inmigrantes temen el efecto que tendría una victoria de Trump en la economía (Immigrants fear the effect of a Trump presidency)

published on: 2016-11-07

[Video in Spanish.] La incertidumbre generada en México por las elecciones en Estados Unidos ha tenido un impacto en el envío de remesas por parte... read more

[VIDEO] Llegada de los Rams impulsará economía de Inglewood (Arrival of Los Angeles Rams will boost Inglewood’s economy)

published on: 2016-08-01

[En Español.] La llegada del eqiupo de los Rams a Los Angeles esta trayendo nuevas oportunidades económicas. Nuestro asesor Robert Castillo habló... read more

3 Financial Tips for LGBT Couples

published on: 2016-07-05

By Robert Castillo. Many couples do not communicate openly about their finances, which can lead to unnecessary stress and potentially end the... read more

Pride Month: 3 Financial Tips for LGBT Couples

published on: 2016-06-21

By Robert Castillo, ADPA®. Many of us have come to know June as LGBT Pride month, but there is much more to it than festivals and parades. Pride is... read more

THINK TANK: Episode 3 - Streaming (WINNER ANNOUNCED!)

published on: 2016-06-07

**WINNING COMPANY ANNOUNCED!** Watch Episode 3: Streaming in full to watch how Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and Spotify stack up. Who is primed to take... read more

THINK TANK: Episode 3 - Streaming (PART 4 OF 4)

published on: 2016-05-27

SPOTIFY (PART 4 OF 4): Spotify has a huge advantage as a first-mover in music streaming. But as the juggernaut continues grow its revenue, its... read more

[VIDEO] El dolor de cabeza de los préstamos estudiantiles (The headache of student loans)

published on: 2016-05-11

[Video in Spanish.] College graduation is a sign of a new chapter for young adultswhich unfortunately includes the stress of paying back student... read more

[VIDEO] Testamento, una herramienta para proteger a su familia (Living will, a necessary tool for protecting your family)

published on: 2016-04-28

[Video in Spanish] GK Advisor Robert Castillo offers his recommendations on the importance of organizing and protecting your assets through a will... read more

[VIDEO] ¿Cuáles son las realidades de ganar la lotería? (What are the realities of winning the lottery?)

published on: 2016-01-14

[Video in Spanish] Univision anchor Claudia Botero interviewed our GK advisor Robert Castillo for tips and advice for the lucky winner of the major... read more

[VIDEO] Dieta Financiera de Año Nuevo (New Years Financial Diet)

published on: 2016-01-07

[Clip in Spanish] Univision called upon GK Advisor Robert Castillo to share tips on getting out of debt, refinancing mortgage loans, and managing... read more

To Marry or Not To Marry? – That is the Financial Question

published on: 2015-01-26

As a Financial Advisor, my clients tell me every January that they want to create a better budget; they want to prepare their taxes early; they... read more

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