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Los Angeles Business Journal - Women Of Influence: Finance

published on: 2022-02-23

The LABJ featured two of our incredible advisors, Francine Lai and Wendy Turk, in their latest issue - Women of Influence: Finance. They chose... read more

Open Enrollment 2020: Maximize Your Benefits

published on: 2020-10-13

It is that time of year—the leaves are changing color (sort of, in Los Angeles), the kids are back in school, and there is pumpkin spice in... read more

GK Volunteer - Wendy Wan Turk

published on: 2020-08-28

Wendy is an avid volunteer because she wants to create the ideal community for her family and her neighbors, which is only possible if you give... read more

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

published on: 2020-06-03

Financial Advisor Wendy Turk speaks about the importance of having your voice heard when it comes to investment (investments that are in alignment... read more

GK Favorite: Banana Bread

published on: 2020-03-30

Staying at home has given many of us more time to try new recipes. Cooking is no longer a chore, but an activity for many. Comfort food is not only... read more

How Kobe Can Inspire your Financial Plan

published on: 2020-02-06

Advisor Wendy Wan Turk gives her perspective on Kobe Bryant's recent sudden loss and how he inspires us all in several ways. Though physically... read more

Budget Tips for the Holidays

published on: 2019-11-05

It’s already November, which means the holidays—all the fun and festivities, as well as all the stress and hurry—are upon us. How do you and your... read more

Fall Cleaning for the Self Employed

published on: 2019-10-04

In the “gig economy” you can be your own boss. What are the Fall cleaning tasks the self-employed should be thinking about? Financial Advisor Wendy... read more

The Co-Parenting Conundrum

published on: 2019-09-06

Whether you are consciously uncoupling, co-parenting, sharing joint custody, or whichever term you choose to use, there will always be areas where... read more

Why YOU Need to Invest in Women

published on: 2019-08-02

Studies show that women only make 80 cents for every dollar a man makes. There are only 24 female CEOs in Fortune 500 companies. In this article,... read more

Free Things to Do With Your Kids This Summer

published on: 2019-06-12

It’s summertime, and the kids are home and bored! Days are longer, and it’s hard to find enough activities to keep everyone entertained. In this... read more

Marie Kondo Your Finances

published on: 2019-02-05

Financial Advisor Wendy Wan Turk gives great tips on getting financially organized the Marie Kondo (KonMari method) way.... read more

Open Enrollment: Maximize Your Benefits

published on: 2018-10-02

It's Open Enrollment season at work, which means time for either blindly clicking on options, or asking lots of questions to understand what... read more

Money and Family Don’t Mix

published on: 2018-07-31

Financial Advisor Wendy Turk talks about the mix of money and family, a delicate subject. As taboo a subject as money may be, family and money can... read more

Family Finance Tips on Broad Topics TV

published on: 2018-05-29

Financial planning is not always the most fun topic, but it is one of the most important! Wendy Wan-Turk joins Broad Topics to discuss the... read more

What’s Your Money Sense?

published on: 2018-05-29

Our Adviser Wendy Turk shares a creative quick quiz (Cosmo Quiz style) to test your financial knowledge. She finishes it with an important reminder... read more

The Cost of Creating a Family

published on: 2018-05-01

Wendy Turk mentions the costs of family planning highlighting the costs of child birth as well as medical intervention for households planning a... read more

Divorcing your Finances

published on: 2018-04-03

No one enters into a marriage expecting it to fail. Still, more than 22 percent of first marriages end in divorce within five years, and 53 percent... read more

Give Yourself the Gift of Financial Freedom

published on: 2017-12-01

As the end of the year approaches, Investment Advisor Representative Wendy Wan Turk gives tips on how to gift yourself financial freedom.... read more

Save the Earth, Save Some Money

published on: 2017-05-01

Conservation isn’t only to preserve our resources, but it can also be economical. Little changes in our daily lives can save some dollars and help... read more

THINK TANK: Episode 3 - Streaming (PART 3 OF 4)

published on: 2016-05-20

Hulu is known for their next-day content availability and exclusive rights for classics like Seinfeld, but is what they offer enough to convince... read more

School's Out! Free Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer

published on: 2015-07-06

It’s summertime, and the kids are home and bored! Days are longer, and it’s hard to find enough activities to keep everyone entertained. If you’re... read more

Life's Money Lessons

published on: 2012-03-29

My three-year-old niece has just started mimicking and playing monkey-see, monkey-do. Often, our early relationships with parents and other role... read more

We're Getting Married!

published on: 2012-03-29

As tax time looms around the corner, we think about how much we earned, what we would change, what we can improve on, and how to live our best... read more

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