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Investment News - Zach Bainter: Where will crypto head this fall?

published on: 2022-09-02

Ongoing debates on whether to hold cryptocurrencies in IRAs or 401(k)s continue. Regulations remain in the air, but some familiar digital assets... read more

Psychology of Money

published on: 2021-07-20

Managing Partner Zach Bainter offers some adept wisdom about the power of understanding the psychology behind our financial decisions. In his... read more

Why Time in the Market Wins Every Time

published on: 2021-01-06

Managing Partner Zach writes an article about the effects of the 2020 pandemic in markets and his vision for 2021. ... read more

GK Volunteer - Zach Bainter

published on: 2020-04-28

Managing Partner Zach Bainter describes his volunteer experience. ... read more

Bear Markets: The Challenges and The Opportunities

published on: 2020-04-24

After more than 10 years of record expansion, the US economy likely entered a recession at the end of March. The war against COVID-19 has put a... read more

Are You Making These Money Mistakes?

published on: 2020-02-27

"Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail.” By avoiding common money mistakes, you will be much closer to financial security. Read some essential... read more

Health Savings Account: A Triple Tax Threat

published on: 2019-12-12

Most financial objectives for many revolves around tax planning and minimizing what is owed. Most people take advantage of their 401(k) at work.... read more

Best Ways to Save For Your Child’s Future

published on: 2019-09-06

Find helpful tips in this article by Managing Partner Zach Bainter to make sure that you are doing what you can to best prepare yourself for your... read more

5 Ways to Minimize Taxes After a Liquidity Event

published on: 2018-07-31

Financial advisor Zach Bainter gives advice on 5 ways to minimize taxes after a liquidity event.Your company has just been acquired or IPOed and... read more

Summer Tips

published on: 2018-05-01

As the summer approaches and many people are thinking of possible leisurely activities, Zach Bainter provides four suggestions for individuals and... read more

Why it's Important to Have an Advisor You Trust

published on: 2017-10-02

I want to share a story about a client who recently came to me by way of referral. This story exemplifies why I love what I do because there is so... read more

The Truth About Marijuana Stocks

published on: 2017-06-29

Zach Bainter shares the truth about marijuana stocks.... read more

Are You Making These 4 Money Mistakes?

published on: 2017-03-28

There is a lot of misinformation out there about financial planning and investments. Below are four common money mistakes. If you identify with... read more

Tax Tips: 'Tis the Season!

published on: 2017-02-28

It is tax season! That’s right. We made it through another summer and a damp winter (at least here in California). Last tax season, I suggested... read more

Have Grad School Debt and Still Want to Save?

published on: 2017-01-04

Just because you might owe hundreds of thousands of dollars for your education does not mean you should forgo your other financial goals. One of... read more

THINK TANK: Episode 3 - Streaming (PART 2 OF 4)

published on: 2016-05-14

AMAZON (PART 2 OF 4): *Our new show format splits episodes up into quick clips to highlight each company one by one.* Amazon rules the online... read more

How To Embrace Tax Season

published on: 2016-04-02

By Zachary Bainter, Managing Partner. It's tax season. A fifth season that we are not taught as children but learn as adults. That is part of the... read more

THINK TANK: Episode 1 - Virtual Reality

published on: 2016-03-22

Episode 1 - Virtual Reality: Watch as three teams of GK advisors defend what they think is the next best opportunity in virtual reality. Who will... read more

How to Protect Yourself from Turbulent Markets

published on: 2015-08-28

The stock market is not meant for the faint of heart. This has been evidenced by the panicked selling caused by recent volatility as the market... read more

Invest now and play tomorrow!

published on: 2012-08-02

Remember when you were in college, when you were frugal and trying to balance books, tuition and happy hours? Now fast forward past graduation,... read more

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