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Investment Advisor Representative

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Ziad Hijazi is an Investment Advisor with Gerber Kawasaki. The son of Lebanese immigrants, Ziad understands the value of approaching life with empathy for diverse perspectives. His innate ability to put himself in other people's shoes motivates him to positively impact other's lives.

Ziad graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, with a BS in Business Administration, concentrating in Finance. His interest in investing was cultivated through his studies during college, where he helped manage $600,000 of the school's endowment. He also received a Minor in Psychology, inspired by his desire to have a deeper understanding of people.

Ziad's driving force has always been to provide for others, mostly by supporting them in pursuing their ambitions. His passion for people, combined with his education in Finance, drew him to the financial planning field, with the objective of helping others achieve their financial goals.

Ziad continues to stay involved in the communities that made him who he is today, serving on the board for the LA Cedars Chapter of the Rotary Club as well as the LA Chapter of the Cal Poly Alumni Association. He also works closely with CaliforLeb, a grassroots organization focused on humanitarian aid to people in Lebanon. During his free time, he loves playing basketball, expanding his knowledge through reading, learning a new recipe to cook, or travelling to new places with friends and family.