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We help our technology clients understand the complex nuances of their equity compensation, helping them both preserve and continue to build the wealth they have accumulated through their company.

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Our goal at Gerber Kawasaki is to democratize financial advice. We believe everyone is entitled to a solid financial plan.

As a firm that is disrupting our own industry, we understand the challenges as well as the tremendous opportunities that face our clients who are on the forefront of the tech revolution and we collaborate with them to make sure they are taking advantage of every opportunity they have. Born in Santa Monica and growing alongside the tech boom in the westside of Los Angeles, the Gerber Kawasaki Tech Group specializes in helping clients in several areas of technology. Founded by three of the managing partners of the firm, our collective knowledge and resources have made us truly adept at helping these clients with managing their highly concentrated stock positions, as well as developing strategies to manage and protect their wealth in the most tax-efficient manner.

Whether you are a founder, a successful executive, or going through a liquidity event, we will analyze your situation, put together a comprehensive plan and work alongside you to successfully implement it.

Some of the key areas our clients are most concerned about are:

  • Stock options, Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) and ESPP
  • Asset allocation and diversification
  • Wealth protection and estate planning
  • Strategies to reduce risk on concentrated stock positions
  • Retirement and defined benefit plans

We acknowledge that working at a technology firm is unique; therefore, we are here to be a resource to you in any way we can.

Ayal Shmilovich Managing Partner

Ayal specializes in working with successful individuals and families, with a special focus in the technology industry. He likes working with people who, like him, are working to change the world around them. Ayal appreciates how quickly technology companies can change the world and because of this he seeks to help his clients in that transformation. Ayal is proud to be part of "A New Generation of Financial Advisors", that uses social media and the latest technologies to augment and enhance the clients' experience and increase their investment potential; however, he never seeks to use it to replace the human element.

Ayal works with technology clients ranging from startup entrepreneurs, to aerospace engineers, to executives of multinational corporations. Many of his clients have advanced financial planning needs such as understanding stock options and equity compensation, complex tax issues, company valuation, and corporate benefits planning.

Hatem Dhiab Managing Partner

Hatem provides comprehensive financial planning services. His clientele is composed of, C level executives, successful professionals, founders & tech entrepreneurs. He also deals with many international clients and is quite versed in advanced planning techniques such as options & RSUs, benefits planning and complex tax issues. He mostly focuses on fee-based financial planning, risk management, wealth accumulation as well distribution strategies and wealth preservation following exits and liquidity events. Hatem is ingrained within the tech scene in Los Angeles living at heart the silicon beach in Playa Vista and working in Santa Monica. He advises several startups and companies on their growth strategies, management opportunities and financial structures.

Zachary Bainter, CFP® Managing Partner

As part of a holistic and comprehensive financial plan, Zach helps his clients navigate the complex world of equity compensation. Many of his clients come to him with questions about how to manage their concentration in company stock. He has helped create strategies in maximizing Incentive Stock Options, Non-Qualified Stock Options and Employee Stock Purchase Plans. Much of the advice he gives is a means to strategically diversify assets. Each plan is tailored to the client's needs. Zach will ensure his clients have a dynamic financial plan addressing and protecting their lives.