Wealth Building

We believe the secret to proper wealth building is applying a variety of financial planning strategies to help you pursue your goals.

Building wealth is a combination of proper savings techniques, budgeting and properly protecting yourself from adversity.

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Retirement Planning


We employ various individual and corporate retirement plans to give you the best opportunity to reach your goals. By focusing on minimizing taxes, our clients can pursue their goals without the burden of taxes.

Saving for a House

Saving for a House

Gerber Kawasaki believes that every family should own their home. Not only are there significant tax advantages, but the long term accumulation potential of owning your own home is great.

College Education Planning


A higher education is more important than ever. Every family should plan for the expense of sending their kids to college. Using tax advantaged college plans is key to seeing your children graduate from college without the burden of substantial debt.

Protection from adversity

Life Insurance

Life has many twists and turns, and it's important for families to protect themselves with proper life insurance and estate planning. We assist our clients by designing a custom life insurance plan to help you pursue your goals while protecting your family.