Wealth Management

At Gerber Kawasaki, we believe proper wealth management is both a science and an art form. Gerber Kawasaki portfolios are personally designed and managed by our Wealth Management Team led by Ross Gerber, President and CEO.

Of course we use the latest technology to monitor, track and research our investments, but when it comes to investment selection, we pick them the old fashioned way, through human investigation, hard work and focus.

Most firms today use simple computer models or high cost funds to manage your money but this method is typically a path to mediocre results. By customizing your portfolio to your goals, applying our research and methods to actively managing your money, your Gerber Kawasaki advisor is focused on getting the best results possible while limiting risks.

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Team Approach

Our Wealth Management accounts are handled by Gerber Kawasaki's Investment Advisory Team, and overseen by Ross Gerber, President and CEO. Our team meets on a weekly basis and reviews the economy and all of our investment positions. We believe our collective experience and insights as well as our investment process gives us an edge when it comes to managing your money.

We typically own 20-25 stocks that are thoroughly researched and monitored by our investment team. Our goal is that our portfolio companies will add to your returns (alpha) while we build the rest of your portfolio with ETFs and mutual funds to manage risk and volatility.

All of our wealth management clients have direct access to their dedicated advisor who is available to answer questions or review your positions and accounts whenever you prefer. Providing our clients access to their advisor and unmatched service is one of our core ideals.

Actively managing and customizing your portfolio and financial plan takes more work than computer modeling or robo advice, but we believe it's well worth the effort. We focus on providing the best financial results possible for our clients within their investment objective.

Investment Style

  • Our investment style focuses on asset allocation and proper diversification first. We start by building an overall account allocation and then put all of your investment pieces in place based off your preferences and our investment research. By using a combination of investments we design personalized portfolios specifically tailored to our clients' needs.
  • During our in depth client discovery meeting, we learn your investment goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon before we design your portfolio. By customizing your portfolio just for you, you have confidence that your portfolio is right for you.
  • We develop an allocation based off your risk tolerance and goals and then build your customized portfolio consisting of stocks, bonds, ETF's and mutual funds. We actively manage and monitor your accounts so you know that your money is in good hands and we'll take the necessary steps to protect your portfolio if necessary. All of our portfolio companies are thoroughly researched and overseen by our investment team led by CEO Ross Gerber.

Investment Themes

Technology – America excels in developing groundbreaking technologies. We focus on investing in transformative technologies such as AI, Internet of Things (IOT), autonomous vehicles, AR/VR, streaming and mobility. We believe technology is one of the best areas for growth over the long term. We have extensive experience and knowledge investing in technology companies and our views are closely followed by the media.
Video Gaming and Esports – The gaming business has grown so much over the years with the advances in internet and chip technology. With video gaming growing in popularity worldwide, the advent of streaming video and esports is driving gaming to a whole new level. Investing in this growing market offers great potential rewards.
Alternative Energy and Transportation – As climate changes becomes an ever present part of our reality. Alternative forms of energy and transportation have emerged. Investing in solar, wind and other forms of alternative energy as well as electric vehicles will transform the world. ICE vehicles and the oil industry have created an unsustainable future for the world and alternative forms of energy are not just desired but a necessity.
Media and Entertainment – We invest in entertainment companies that are leveraging technology to reach a global audience. With so many tech and media companies focused on entertainment, the battle for our eyeballs and dollars has led to consolidation and new entrants with lots of potential. Being an LA based company, we have extensive experience and knowledge investing in the entertainment industry.
Bio-Technology – With the aging of our population, health care needs continue to grow exponentially in America. The convergence of technology and medicine have created many potential opportunities. Amazing advancements in immunotherapies and genetics are revolutionizing medicine and treatments. New technologies like CRISPR have huge potential to change the world and improve lives. The growth of health care needs will continue for decades.
Global markets – The United States is just one market within a very large and diverse world. By having a global investment viewpoint we look for opportunities throughout the developed and emerging markets. By looking at investments through a global viewpoint our clients can take advantage of an unlimited amount of investment choices.
Cannabis – The legalization of cannabis is a huge growth opportunity. Most countries in the world are legalizing and have growing markets for cannabis. With Canada's federal legalization and many US states legalizing cannabis, the opportunities for growth are potentially enormous. We are closely following and investing in publicly traded cannabis companies.

Through our personalized investment selection process, we believe we are positioning our clients to take advantage of the potential future growth in the technologies, resources and economies of the world.

Socially Responsible Investing

Many clients want to be socially responsible with their investments. Our investment team has built a portfolio of companies that meet our criteria as green or socially responsible. In our green portfolios, we invest in companies that are good for people and the world around us. We specifically exclude companies in the following industries: military, alcohol, gambling, tobacco, oil, junk food, industrials, financial, fire arms. We've identified companies that meet our criteria for green investing but also make potentially profitable investments.
We build customized green portfolios just for you:

Green Energy – Addressing the need for alternative energies due to the severe effects of global climate change. We want companies that are making environmentally friendly energy and efficient transportation.
Green Food - Addressing the need for healthy organic foods to offset the rise in obesity in the world and improving the health of people in general.
Green Health Care – Addressing the need for companies to cure and solve diseases that affect our population and society.
Socially Conscious (Firms of Endearment*) – These are companies that take particularly good care of their employees and customers through their internal policies and corporate actions. This includes work environment, highly ethical, visionary leaders and positive corporate cultures.

Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.
There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification does not protect against market risk.
International investing involves special risks such as currency fluctuation and political instability and may not be suitable for all investors.
Because of their narrow focus, sector investing will be subject to greater volatility than investing more broadly across many sectors and companies.