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We strive to build a community of empowered and educated women to become self-assured and confident about their financial future.

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What is WOW?

WOW (Women of Wealth) is a community of professional women who meet for fun, philanthropic, educational, and social events. The founders of WOW created the group to empower and educate women to become self-assured and confident about their financial future.

How can WOW help you?

Our WOW advisors provide personalized guidance and customize a financial plan to help you navigate the confusing world of finance. Francine, Kaytlin, Wendy, and Eva welcome any questions at any time. They are your resource and financial educators to help you feel confident in pursuing financial independence.

Joining WOW keeps you connected to the fast-moving world of finance through news articles, editorials, and networking outings. In these publications, the Women of Wealth leaders discuss the unique challenges women and their families face, such as juggling work and kids or managing the household budget.

Check out some of our media spots and educational resources that we've created for you!

Francine Lai, CFP® CDFA® Investment Advisor Representative

Francine Lai is the co-founder of the GK Women of Wealth Group (WOW).  Her primary goal as an Investment Advisor Representative is to help individuals and families achieve their financial aspirations. She helps her clients look at the big picture and puts together customized plans for each client based on what their financial goals are.  Francine enjoys working with all types of people but focuses her practice on women and families. It is her mission to educate and empower women in all stages of their lives; single women, women with families, career-oriented women as well as homemakers so they can make educated choices and achieve their financial goals.

Kaytlin Hall, MFP® Investment Advisor Representative

She is the co-founder of the Women of Wealth Group (WOW).  Kaytlin Hall received her B.S. Degree in Finance from Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island and an MBA in Financial Planning from California Lutheran University. Kaytlin’s goal is to be your planning partner. Whether you want to retire, buy a home, or send your child to college, Kaytlin will create a customized financial plan to make these goals a reality. Kaytlin is adept at educating her clients so that they understand what it takes to achieve their dreams.

Wendy Wan Turk Investment Advisor Representative

A Los Angeles native, Wendy received both her Bachelors’ of Science Degree and Certificate in Personal Financial Planning from UCLA. Always interested in finances, Wendy realized that her interpersonal skills, patience, organization, and creativity would be well-suited for a career in financial planning. Even more importantly, Wendy found that her skill set could fill a great need for financial literacy, especially among women.

Wendy works with clients to create comprehensive plans that consider both the numbers and the emotions surrounding money. She has an ongoing podcast, Money Talks, where women of diverse backgrounds tell stories about their personal experiences with money, and she also created Money & Me, a children’s education program that teaches financial literacy at an early age.