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We strive to build a community of empowered and educated women to become self-assured and confident about their financial future.

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What is WOW?

WOW (Women of Wealth) is a community of professional women who meet for fun, philanthropic, educational, and social events. The founders of WOW created the group to empower and educate women to become self-assured and confident about their financial future.

How can WOW help you?

Our WOW advisors provide personalized guidance and customize a financial plan to help you navigate the confusing world of finance. Francine, Kaytlin, Wendy, and Eva welcome any questions at any time. They are your resource and financial educators to help you feel confident in pursuing financial independence.

Joining WOW keeps you connected to the fast-moving world of finance through news articles, editorials, and networking outings. In these publications, the Women of Wealth leaders discuss the unique challenges women and their families face, such as juggling work and kids or managing the household budget.

Check out some of our media spots and educational resources that we've created for you!



Francine Lai, CFP® CDFA® Investment Advisor Representative
Kaytlin Hall, MFP® Investment Advisor Representative
Wendy Wan Turk Investment Advisor Representative
Eva Agi Investment Advisor Representative